About Leo Bloom

Hey there, I’m Leo Bloom, the mind and heart behind MeaningTattoo.com.

Tattooing isn’t just a job for me.

It’s a storytelling adventure inked onto skin, and I’ve been honing this craft ever since it first fascinated me about two decades ago.

Leo Bloom at his studio in Austin, Texas.
Leo Bloom at his studio in Austin, Texas.

Finding My Path in Ink

My journey into the world of tattooing began in the cultural melting pot of Austin, Texas. In this haven of creativity, I began to see how tattoos can narrate a person’s story.  

Over the years, I’ve traveled the globe, learning from various artists and cultures, absorbing the diverse techniques and styles that have shaped my approach to tattooing.

My Signature Style

While I have a deep appreciation for all tattoo styles, I am particularly drawn to the bold lines and vibrant colors of American Traditional. 

There’s something timeless about the way this style conveys stories through its iconic imagery and strict adherence to a classic aesthetic. 

It’s a style that demands mastery, and I’ve spent years refining my skills to honor its rich heritage.

The Birth of MeaningTattoo.com

I often get asked, ‘What does this tattoo symbolize?’ While many tattoos hold personal meaning, there are symbols that carry wider cultural and even universal significance. 

It struck me that there wasn’t a definitive guide I could recommend to my clients and friends for reliable information on this topic. That realization was the spark that led to the creation of MeaningTattoo.com.

MeaningTattoo.com is a platform for those who seek to understand the deeper narratives of their ink. It is also a hub for those who are in the process of deciding how to best express their inner selves.

My Tattoo Philosophy

I believe that every tattoo is a personal landmark, a marker of experience, belief, or aspiration. As such, I approach each design with the utmost respect for the individual’s story and the symbolism they wish to carry. 

My goal is to help people find the perfect alignment between their tattoos and the inherent meanings.

I am committed to providing information that is not only engaging and genuine, but also reflective of the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

Invitation to Explore

Whether you’re a seasoned collector of tattoos or someone contemplating your first, MeaningTattoo.com should be your go-to-resource for anything related to tattoo meanings.

Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of information on tattoo symbolism, design inspiration, and the history behind this compelling form of self-expression.

MeaningTattoo.com in other Languages

My journeys have taken me around the world, connecting me with fellow tattoo enthusiasts across continents.

Recognizing the universal language of ink and honoring the spirit of inclusivity, I’ve made this resource available in six languages.

In this way, it caters to a broader audience beyond the English-speaking community. I hope you find it helpful and engaging.

Let’s Connect

Your journey is unique, and your tattoos should be too. If you have questions or are seeking guidance, I’m here to offer my insights.

Please drop me a line at info[@]www.meaningtattoo.com. I’d love to hear from you!

While I may not be available for a personal tattoo consultation, I’m happy to help you out wherever I can.

For further in-depth, personal advise, visit our Services page, where we offer custom-made, expert consultation for you.